Fairy magic stick necklace 01

you can adjust the length of the chain by moving the silicone ball

various styles by adjusting the length



925 Silver

Jaekim ornament - Stainless steel


Necklace : 37 cm (+3cm)
Pendant : 3cm bar with 16.5cm chain (length adjustable)

Processing time

1-5 working days

( I normally pre-produce a small amount of pieces.
If there is no ready stock, it will be newly produced after ordering,
so the production period may vary depending on the situation. )

Package components


- Silver can be discolored due to its nature.
(Silver polishing cloth is included. Care with it after use)
- Since the chain is thin, it can easily get tangled if stored carelessly,
so keep it as if it was first packaged.

*This cannot be the reason for exchange or refund

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